Hookup Apps

Tinder App, one of the best Apps used for finding some new friends and new partners for dating purpose. It is mostly used by the individuals who want to get in a relationship.  To get more information regarding the Tinder App, click  Tinder Openers.

It is very easy to use, a user can download this easily from Google play store or from Apple play store. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to install it properly. Other Apps like Tinder-  best dating apps.

If you are gay and looking for the person of the same kind then just simply click gay dating sites. The link will provide the complete information regarding the new users of the same kind and will help you in reaching them. While using Tinder Openers, if you have shifted to a new place then this article is for you. This article shares some simple steps to change the location on the Tinder App. Just follow the given points to do the same thing.

Changing Location using a computer-

• For changing the location, go to the Facebook page into the browser and enter the username and password to log in to the account. After logging in to the account, visit your About page.
• A user can visit the About page by clicking on the edit profile link given just below the profile picture. 
• After visiting the About page, click on the Places you have lived option, after clicking, hometown and current city will appear on the screen. 
• Under the Hometown option, click the link given on the Add a place option. 
• After clicking on the option, simply enter your current location and hit the save button. 
• After saving the location on the Facebook, click on the Tinder App to launch it. 
• After launching the App, when you log in into it, you will be available with the updated location.

Using Mobile Phone -

• To change the location on the Tinder using your mobile phone, simply visit the Facebook App and click on the About page option given under the edit profile link. 
• After clicking on the About page option, tap on the Add new city option. 
• Enter your current location and simply tap on the save button. 
• After hitting the save button, exit the facebook. 
• Open the Tinder App and log in into it again, you will be available with the updated information.